Feelings Made Visible

Finding representation in Nature

I’ve always been fascinated by what feelings and thoughts humans choose to hide or share. I started thinking of our faces as a facade that conceals any number of goings on behind it. How interesting would it be if that was being our control (scary perhaps!).

These works came from the thought “What if our emotions or thoughts were visible to everyone? What would represent those expressions in nature?”

A stern woman that hides her passion represented by wild roses that bloom behind her. This was my first piece exploring this idea. The shadows / silhouettes leaves and flowers along with the delicate pencil drawn roses speaks to her insecurity at expressing this side of herself. Her heart is bright red because it is full and guides her through the fear on following her bliss.

Wild Roses, 2013Acrylic, graphite on wood panel24″ x 18″Available

Mourning doves showing the sadness this still woman conceals. Her heart is fragile. The still bird speak to the weight and the flying doves represent the chaos of all the feelings that come with loss and the unknown.

Mourning Doves, 2013

Acrylic, graphite on wood panel

24″ x 18″


A few years later I revisited this idea. This time I explored how sometimes we are not aware how our words can be seen by others.

In this piece fear and worry are represented by moths.

All She Talked About Was Her Fears, 2014

Watercolor on watercolor paper

17″ x 13″


In this piece bugs, beetles represent the mean talk coming from this woman’s words.

Her Words Are Always Mean, 2014

Watercolor on watercolor paper

17″ x 13″