In my art I seek to explore discomfort. I trust the process to achieve a deeper understanding of vulnerability.

Welcome to a life's journey.


Small and Medium Originals

KatkaHubacek Dance free - 2020

SMALL or MEDIUM paintings are perfect for that nook or wall that's crying out for some personality.


Large Originals

katkahubacek facing the wild

Choose a LARGE painting for visual impact. Let it be a statement piece!

Fine Art Prints


PRINTS are a great way to have flexibility to choose the sizes to fit your requirements or to create an art wall on a budget.

motherhood in livingroom2

Wander into the shop.

Listen if anything speaks to you.

Spend some time imagining it in your home.

Purchase it because you love it.

Receive it packaged with care.

Hang it in your beautiful curated home.

See it embellish your home.

And fall in love with it all over again.


BLOG POSTS : Thoughts along an artist's journey...

Using objects to tell a story

Using objects in art is a great way to tell a hard truth. The object is infused with a message, a meaning that helps convey more subtly a story or reality. I chose to use a doll’s head to both explore a moment in childhood and also a parenting struggle. In “Barbie is Not a…


Where am I in “motherhood”?

Many artists’ journeys follow this classic tale: They “know” from an early age that they want to be an artist. They draw as kids, they are encouraged by a high school art teacher or someone they respect. It’s what they’ve always enjoyed. And then years later (like 30 for me!!!) they finally step into their…


My creed

I came across this wonderful exercise. Write down what you believe. In a world constantly bombarding us with “Shoulds” and “Coulds” this is a freeing exercise that puts front and center my beliefs and grounds me a truth that is stronger then my constant quest for learning something new to help be cover up my…