My creed

I came across this wonderful exercise. Write down what you believe. In a world constantly bombarding us with “Shoulds” and “Coulds” this is a freeing exercise that puts front and center my beliefs and grounds me a truth that is stronger then my constant quest for learning something new to help be cover up my feels of “not good enough”. (OK there’s a few journaling prompts right there!)

Obviously figuring out what one believes is a continuous soul-searching activity. It will probably change as I do. At first it’s scary to name those beliefs but once you’ve made a list it’s easy to feel which ones are true for you. They give you power to soar and a firm grounding to stand on.

Here is what I know to be true (for now).

What do you believe? I highly recommend asking yourself and sitting with what you come up with đŸ™‚ And then turning it into a nice graphically satisfying poster also feels good.