All She Talks About Is Her Fears

All She Talks About Is Her Fears, 2014

Watercolor on paper

17 x 13 inches*

This piece came from an idea “what if our mood or state of mind was visible to everyone as we spoke?”

In this work I image moths as a representation of fear. As the woman speaks of her fears moths come fluttering and crawling out of her mouth.

This painting was created as a part of a series called “Feelings Made Visible“. You can read more about it here.


This is an original painting and the only one of its kind. Signed on the front and back with date and title on the back. Sealed with an archival, UV protective varnish.

*Ensure to check the measurements before purchasing. Colours may vary slightly from how they appear on screen.

$ 120.00

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Packaged with care ensuring safe transportation.

Open gently with freshly cleaned and dry hands. Display in a room free from moisture.

Frame not included unless otherwise stated in description.

Katka Hubacek retains copyright on all artwork and the right to create future prints or additional images and content from this piece.